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2016 Spring Semester Opening Ceremony

2016년도 봄학기를 축하하며 개강식을 가졌습니다.

전통음악 김미소 선생님, 미술 정은희 선생님께서 진행을 맡아주셨습니다.

많은 축복과 기도속에 자리한만큼 부모님들, 학생들 선생님들은 새 학기를 맞이하여

더욱 즐거운 마음으로 임할것을 다짐하였습니다.

We had Opening ceremony is celebration of our spring cemester in 2016.

Our Korean traditional music teacher, Meso Kim and art teacher, Eun Hee Jung has stepped up to the microphone for this event.

As our ceremony placed in uncountable blessings and prays, parents, teachers, and students all determined to welcome the new semeseter.

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