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Our McLean Korean Academy has been on a mission to educate future leaders in the DMV region since 2002. Located in McLean, central N. Virginia, and in close proximity to Washington, DC, our school operates with the support of MacLean Presbyterian Church.

We offer tailored education based on the student's proficiency level, allowing for a more enjoyable and effortless immersion into the Korean culture for a wide range of ages, from kindergarteners to elementary, middle, and high school students. For adults, we conduct online classes.

Our facilities are fully equipped, enabling us to provide customized classes to students of all ages. We strive to make the experience enjoyable and accessible, and we believe that it is our duty to empower our students with knowledge of Korean culture.

Verified Instructors
Our teachers are not only skilled and native speakers, but also experienced. We carefully check and confirm each teacher's profile
Make Learning Fun
We provide customized learning plan by semester based on the student's level and interests.
Elementary Course
Want to start speaking Korean from your first lesson? Want to introduce yourself in perfect Korean? We start you with the very basics to help you making it!



Age 3 – 1st Grade


2nd – 6th Grade


7th – 12th Grade


Take online lessons at home for your busy schedule


Thank you!

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